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                                   German insurances explained so that you understand

Trust  MW Expat Solution Services GmbH to simplify the  complicated

At MW Solution Services GmbH, we not only realise the importance of having a sound financial plan for the growth of your investments and retirement funds but also how crucial it is to protect what you have already achieved.

 An accident, illness or other unforeseen risks can soon put an end to the most carefully planned financial future. It is therefore vitally important in any plan for future financial independence and security to incorporate protection against these unfortunate but common occurrences.

  While living and working in a foreign country with a different set of rules and regulations, it can be very difficult to decide which risks are really relevant to you and in which areas you need added protection and security.

That’s why we pride ourselves on speaking the language you’ll understand. If you are an expatriate, we can help you navigate through the maze of insurance products, finding not only the right package designed for your specific needs but the best cover for the lowest premium.


For a tailored approach to insurance solutions, contact MW Expat Solution Services GmbH today.

 General Insurances

We offer solutions to protect you financially from any unforeseen  events that may occur during your time in Germany. As independent brokers we use a whole range of different providers to offer sound advice taking into account all the different and individually specific needs of our globally minded clients. Using our expertise and knowledge of the German insurance market, we will examine your long-term future planning to present you with a tailor made solution that will help you achieve financial security for you and your loved ones, regardless of what the future may hold.

•    Personal liability
•    Household contents
•    Legal aid
•    Personal accident
•    Risk life cover                
•    Occupational disability                       
•    Disability care                                        •    Building insurance
•    Vehicle insurance                                              

This is quite a list, so if you would like some adice on which type of insurance is really relevant to you then we would be happy help.

Health Care

(Krankenversicherung) It is compulsory to have health insurance whilst living and working in Germany. There is a dual system in place which means residents have a choice between private and state (Statutory) health insurance, provided certain criteria are met. In making the choice between state or private health care there is no golden rule. The right choice depends on the current situation as well as on future plans and needs to be discussed in detail before coming to a decision. There is also a compulsory nursing care insurance (Pflegepflichtversicherung) which is always together with your health care.

•    State and private solutions
•    Access to all German providers
•    All insurances are visa compliant
•    possible cover before you arrive
•    All products regulated by the                    German authorities
•    All advice provided by our                        Professionally trained staff
•    Incoming Visa insurances available               

It is very difficult for Expats to understand which health insurance is best for them without some solid advice. Talk to us today.

Pension Savings

The German state pension scheme (Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung) is the cornerstone of pension planning in Germany. It has however a major fault - demographically, the baby boom generation is now nearing retirement age and with a current low birth rate, an even smaller workforce is having to pay for this increasing number of pensioners. The German government has realised that this will lead to lower pension levels and are actively encouraging its inhabitants towards private pension planning. They are doing this through a system of mostly tax subsidised, insurance based solutions:

•    Multiple pension product solutions
•    Significant tax and subsidy benefits
•    Guaranteed return on investments         available
•    Large and secure providers
•    All products regulated by the                    German authorities
•    All advice covered by our                          Professional Indemnity Insurance

                                              Unfortunately, very few expats realise that they can also take advantage of these benefits whilst living and working in Germany.