Expat Health Insurance Guide

One of the most important things that you will need to take care of when you move to Germany is health insurance. All citizens and expats must have some type of medical insurance in Germany, since health insurance is mandatory for everyone as a condition of residence.

Let us guide you through the German health insurance jungle and find the right solution for you.

The Dual System

As mentionend before, people can choose between public (state) health insurance (GVK) or private health insurance (PKV) in Germany. The majority of people opt for public health insurance, which covers most of the medical services that you will need. This is due to the fact that private health insurance options are mostly for employed, self-employed or a civil servants with a yearly gross income of about 66.600€ minimum or people who are ineligible for public healthcare. 

State Health Insurance

Statutory health insurance is based on the principle of solidarity. It provides general protection for all people living in Germany. The contribution rate of a statutory insurance is usually based on income. The maximum contribution in 2022 is €933.64 for people without children.

In the event of illness, all those insured by the statutory health insurance funds have the same entitlement to benefits, despite different contributions. However, the benefits of the statutory health insurance are partly limited. Private health insurance offers more comprehensive and individual coverage.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is high-quality health care for employees above the annual salary limit, the self-employed and civil servants.

Any employee whose income regularly exceeds the so-called annual income threshold (JAEG) can take out private health insurance (PKV). Currently, the annual income limit is 66,600 euros (as of 2023). Regardless of income, self-employed persons, freelancers, civil servants and civil servant trainees can also take out private health insurance.

Private health insurance enables the insured to receive comprehensive and individualized medical care, shorter waiting times at the doctor’s office or, for example, treatment by designated specialists.

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