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Your trusted partner for insurance and pension solutions.

As an independent insurance broker, we at MW Expat, not only realise the importance of having a sound financial plan for the growth of your investments and retirement funds but also how crucial it is to protect what you have already achieved.

An accident, illness or other unforeseen risks can soon put an end to the most carefully planned financial future.

Our Story

Based in Munich and in the centre of Berlin, with its network of partners reaching the whole of Germany, MW Expat Solution Services GmbH is perfectly situated to offer professional insurance solutions and pension savings schemes to Germany’s ever growing expat community.


Whether someone is just arriving or has been here a while, we offer professional expertise to make sure that the time spent in Germany is as easy and secure as possible without missing out on any of the benefits available, many of which are unknown throughout the expat community.

As an independent insurance broker, we work together with all the major insurance companies represented on the German market today. This places us in a position to find the insurance cover that most suits your needs at the best possible value for money.

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Our Team

Matthias Wolf

Founder & Managing Partner

Markus Lampert

Founder & Managing Partner

Michaela Kugelmann

Compliance & Human Ressources Manager

Monika Jacker MW About Us

Monika Jacker

Accounting Manager

Chanes Bouabdallah Junior Accounting Manager

Chanes Bouabdallah

Junior Accounting Manager

Ellinor Selbeck

Ellinor Selbeck

Head of Partner Relationship

Anja Lampert MW About Us neu

Anja Lampert

Insurance Specialist

Adriana Gonzalez MW

Adriana Gonzalez

Insurance Specialist

Dijana Knezevic

Trainee Insurances

Oduro Mensah, Trainee Insurance, MW Expat

Oduro Mensah

Trainee Insurances

Katharina Spät, Trainee Insurances, MW Expat Solution Services GmbH

Katharina Spät

Trainee Insurances

Roxana Steblea

Trainee Insurances

Laura Martínez, Trainee Insurances at MW Expat Solution Services GmbH

Laura Martínez Parra

Trainee Insurances

Klaus Peter Berndt, Insurance Specialist Sach, MW Expat

Klaus Peter Berndt

Material Insurance Specialist

Tyler Drotar_Auszubildender MW Expat, MW next gen trainee

Tyler Drotar

MW Next Gen (Trainee)

Alex Geist, Customer Care at MW Expat

Alex Geist

Innovation Manager

Bianca Lucas, Customer Care at MW Expat

Bianca Lukas

Head of Customer Care

Mihaela Dorlan, Customer Care at MW Expat

Mihaela Dorlan

Customer Care

Carmen Dorlan Customer Care at MW Expat Solution Services GmbH

Carmen Dorlan

Customer Care


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Certified according to EU Insurance Distribution Directive IDD

A Message From The Director

Matthias Wolf Director MW Expat Picture 2 (2)

Matthias Wolf

Managing Director

Although being German by birth, with my background of growing up in the United Kingdom and having then spent 9 years living in Spain, I can fully understand the problems that you may face when first arriving here. I myself came back to Bavaria 12 years ago with no previous knowledge of Germany.

Since my return to Germany, I have spent my time working in the insurance business and before setting up MW Expat Solution Services GmbH I worked for large German insurance providers. I am a fully qualified (IHK) professional which allows me to negotiate and provide contracts for insurance and pensions and savings plans for you.

During this time working in the German insurance industry and through the many expats in my social circle, I realised just how difficult it is for expats to navigate their way around the very complex German social security and insurance systems. I found that most of the expats I know were still not exactly sure about the reasons why so much was deducted from their pay-slips every month even after living and working in Germany for years. As soon as I helped one person there were more of their colleagues calling me to ask for my advice. It was then that I decided to leave the insurance company where I had been employed for several years and form my own company with the specific goal of helping expats, not only when they arrive but also for the whole duration of their stay.

Since we founded the GmbH, the company has grown from strength to strength and we now work with several reputable relocation agencies as well as HR departments from well known international companies. We opened our second office, in Berlin, at the end of 2019.

I believe that the reason for our success is that I insist that we put the best interests of our clients first. It is very important to me that our clients act not because we tell them to (which I have found many expats do) but because we have taken the time to explain everything fully and they themselves make a choice because they understand the value. The world is becoming ever more global with ever more expats arriving in Germany and I am determined that this basic principle of our company will always remain key to the way we work. Being busy and growing the company is obviously important to me but our clients have to carry on receiving the level of customer care that they have become accustomed to and that has enabled us as a company to grow in the first place.

I would like to thank you all for the trust that you have placed in us and we intend to make sure that we always repay it.

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