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At MW Expat, we know how vital your health is. That's why we offer private health insurance plans designed to provide expats with comprehensive coverage, faster access to specialists, and significant savings of up to 40%.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Get extensive health coverage tailored for expats, ensuring all your medical needs are met.

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Save up to 40% on your private health insurance fees compared to standard plans.

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Enjoy quicker appointments and treatments with top medical professionals in Germany.

Personalized Plans

Receive customized insurance plans that suit your specific health needs and budget.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from professional advice to navigate and choose the best private health insurance options.

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I have had an incredible experience with Dabar Reimer. She is very well experienced and was able to provide solutions for multiple scenarios. I am very thank full to her and highly recommend having a discussion with Dabar before choosing your next insurance policy.
Grant F.
Grant F.
Proven Expert Review
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They have been so patient and thorough with helping during every step. I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own!
Chew Teck S.
Chew Teck S.
Proven Expert Review
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My agent, Anja Lampert is super friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Excellent service provided.
Proven Expert Review
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The support I have received from Dabar was outstanding. She was always available to answer all my questions, and helped me out through the whole process. Thank you so much!
Proven Expert Review
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I have appointed with Alex as the to-go person for all matters. Honestly he is providing the best service someone can get in Germany, solving problems literally in minutes! Highly recommend MW Expat Solution!
Proven Expert Review
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It was a brilliant experience with MW expat. Right from filling up my details online, receiving a prompt call to book an appointment for detailed discussions of my needs to finally having a zoom call to talk to an advisor face to face was quick efficient, and re-assuring. I had the privilege to talk to Adriana Gonzalez, who was nothing short of brilliant. She was extremely composed, utterly professional, and very helpful.

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  • Personalized Plans: Talk to our health insurance experts to get a plan tailored just for you.
  • Flexible Coverage: Decide how much coverage you need, and adjust it as your situation changes.
  • Significant Savings: Save up to 40% on your private health insurance fees.


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Navigating Private Health Insurance in Germany: An Expat’s Guide

For expats living in Germany, understanding the healthcare system is vital. Among the key decisions to make is whether to opt for private health insurance. This comprehensive guide explains the nuances of private health insurance in Germany, helping you make an informed decision about your healthcare needs.

Why Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance in Germany offers several advantages, including shorter waiting times for appointments, access to a wider network of doctors and specialists, and the option for private hospital rooms. Additionally, it often covers a broader range of treatments and services not available under the public system, such as alternative medicine practices and better dental care options.

Who is Eligible for Private Health Insurance in Germany?

Eligibility for private health insurance typically includes:

  • Employees with a gross salary above the insurance threshold (Versicherungspflichtgrenze), currently set at approximately €69.300 per year.
  • Self-employed individuals and freelancers.
  • Civil servants and certain other professional groups.

Understanding your eligibility is the first step in considering private health insurance.

How do Private and Public Health Insurance Contributions Differ in Germany?

The major difference lies in how contributions are calculated:

  • Public Health Insurance (GKV): Contributions are based on your income, averaging around 14.6% plus a possible additional contribution specific to the insurance company, shared equally between employer and employee.
  • Private Health Insurance (PKV): Premiums are based on risk factors such as age, health status, and chosen coverage level, not your income. This can result in lower costs for younger, healthier individuals.

What Does Private Insurance Cover?

Private health insurance coverage varies significantly by plan and provider, but it typically includes:

  • More comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care.
  • Dental treatment and orthodontics.
  • Specialized treatments and medications not covered by the public system.
  • Option for treatment by chief physicians and private hospital rooms.

Customizing your coverage to suit your specific health needs is a key benefit of private insurance.

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How Much Does Private Insurance in Germany Cost?

Costs for private health insurance are highly individual and depend on various factors including age, health status, and chosen deductible and coverage options. On average, monthly premiums can range from €150 to over €700. It’s crucial to get quotes from multiple providers to find a plan that fits your budget and healthcare needs.

How to Sign Up for Private Insurance?

Signing up for private health insurance involves:

1. Eligibility Check: Confirm you’re eligible for private insurance based on your employment status and income.
2. Research: Compare plans from different providers to find the best coverage for your needs.
3. Application: Complete the application, which may include a health questionnaire.
4. Confirmation: Once accepted, you’ll receive confirmation and your insurance policy details.

MW Expat Health Insurance

Expert Guidance for Your Health Insurance Needs

Choosing the right private health insurance in Germany can be complex. Our team of insurance experts is here to provide personalized advice, helping you navigate the options and find the best coverage for your needs. Whether you’re assessing your eligibility, comparing plans, or need assistance with the signup process, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to secure your health insurance solution in Germany.

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