Legal Aid and Court Costs Insurance

Since nearly half of all Germans have legal aid insurance, they do not need to think about the costs of starting a lawsuit or consulting a lawyer. It means the chances of getting sued for things that look trivial to you are high. 

Legal Aid

Legal aid insurance covers different areas of law.

  • Moreover, being unfamiliar with all the rules and regulations, you may disregard the law unintentionally, which may ultimately need you to pay hefty legal expenses. Therefore, obtaining one of the best legal insurances in Germany will help you get great advantages, particularly in the events of legal disagreements or other misunderstandings.
  • However, there are four major areas that you can insure: private, professional, traffic, and home. Private legal insurance covers areas such as disagreements with administrative authorities, private contracts, doctors, etc. With professional legal insurance, you will get coverage for the costs of legal issues that may arise in your workplace. These may include employment contract disputes, unfair dismissal, negotiating a severance package, etc.
  • Traffic legal insurance covers areas such as parking violations, contesting points, speeding fines, etc. You should note that obtaining legal insurance in Germany will not give you coverage for the costs of any fines such as traffic tickets. However, if you want to go to court, you will get coverage for the associated legal costs. Home legal insurance offers coverage for disputes with your landlord, neighbours, craftsmen, etc.
  • There are also other types of legal insurances in Germany available that cover divorce, building, Internet, inheritance, etc. The premiums of legal insurance vary depending on the range of coverage you are looking for. If you want to obtain private legal insurance only, it may cost you around €170/year while the coverage for all the four major areas may need you to pay around €340/year. With most insurance companies, you will likely have to obtain private legal insurance before insuring any other areas.
  • If you are looking to purchase one of the best legal insurances in Germany, you will most likely get a specific waiting period before you can avail of its coverage. It helps to protect insurance providers from customers who only take out legal insurance when they are in trouble and are expecting to pay huge legal costs.
  • Also, legal insurance typically does not provide coverage for legal issues that began before you took out the policy. To ensure that you clearly understand the areas not covered by your chosen legal insurance, go through the contract thoroughly before signing it.

Like any other country, in Germany, court fees, solicitors’ fees, and the costs of proceedings are very high

All these often add up to several thousands of Euros. Having legal insurance in Germany can protect you from paying huge costs if you want to sue someone or get sued. Legal aid insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) covers the costs (generally up to €250,000 per case) for your lawyer, official evaluations and assessments, and court costs. By taking out legal expenses insurance in Germany, you will also get coverage for the costs of the opponent if you are held liable for them.

Legal Aid

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