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Public InsurancePrivate BasicPrivate Premium
Accommodationmulti-bed room2-bed room1-bed room
Specialist Treatment⛔️✔️head physician treatment
Dental Treatment0-90%60-75%90-100%
Flexible Appointments⛔️yes, with additional payment✔️
Worldwide Coverage⛔️partially✔️
Alternative Remedies⛔️after previous diagnosis✔️
Exemplary Monthly Rate975€216€402€
Public InsurancePrivate BasicPrivate PlusPrivate Premium
Accommodationmulti-bed room2-bed room1-bed room1-bed room
Specialist Treatment⛔️✔️✔️head physician treatment
Dental Treatment0-90%60-75%80%90-100%
Flexible Appointments⛔️yes, with additional payment✔️✔️
Worldwide Coverage⛔️partially✔️✔️
Alternative Remedies⛔️after previous diagnosis✔️✔️
Exemplary Monthly Rate975€216€329€402€

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Aurelia Leopold
Aurelia Leopold
Great service, very patient, supportive, friendly and able to find a solution that fit my exact needs
Great service, employees are responsive, answer all questions in clear and timely manner.
Jonathan Jerald
Jonathan Jerald
If it were not for the wonderful folks at MW Expat Solution Services (such as Alex Geist), I would feel lost contending with bureaucratic issues in this wonderful but sometimes baffling country.
Atanas Spasov
Atanas Spasov
Started by reaching out for a consultation as my previous health insurance was coming to a close and I desperately needed to find a German plan. I worked with Dabar Reimer who went above and beyond in the process of assisting me. She helped guide me to a plan that worked for me and with the coverage that I needed, and was available anytime I had questions during the process. I now reccomend MW Expat and particularly Dabar to anyone at my university that faces the same challenges.
Andre Ireland
Andre Ireland
Fantastic company to deal with. They were so helpful in helping me with multiple different insurance policies. Very transparent and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Mark De Cristo
Mark De Cristo
Very helpful, show you all the options, and not pushing towards one particular solution - just finding what works for you and your family. Excellent - Adriana was very very helpful and helped us navigate the confusing options in Germany - thank you!!
Today I had discussion with Binca Lukas from MW Expat Solutions, It was amazing support and convincing discussion for the solutions and services of different Insurances offered in Germany. Thankyou Bhaskar
Nikos Gkartsos
Nikos Gkartsos
Honestly the best quality of service someone can get in Germany! I am lucky enough to have Alex as the go-to person and he literally is solving problems in minutes!
Shamira Miller
Shamira Miller
I had reached out for a consultation and they immediately called me the same evening. The person set up a call with a consultant and a few days later Anja, the consultant took the time to explain all the pension matters in detail to me. Whilst this was a completely free call, Anja was very patient to answer all my questions and I had the feeling she was truly trying to give me everything I needed to make a good informed choice regardless of the income potential for her. Thank you Anja!
Stylianos Traoudas
Stylianos Traoudas
I would like to share my experience with MW Expat. Their services are exceptional and they answer to your questions in a timely manner. I am super satisfied with their consultation about my Health insurance and as well as Legal insurance. I would also like to personally thank Dijana for the effort and help she provided to me. It is highly appreciated. Well done 👏

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