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The best health insurance comparison for Germany in 2023

The best insurance comparison for Germany in 2023

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Public InsurancePrivate BasicPrivate Premium
Accommodationmulti-bed room2-bed room1-bed room
Specialist Treatment⛔️✔️head physician treatment
Dental Treatment0-90%60-75%90-100%
Flexible Appointments⛔️yes, with additional payment✔️
Worldwide Coverage⛔️partially✔️
Alternative Remedies⛔️after previous diagnosis✔️
Exemplary Monthly Rate975€216€402€
Public InsurancePrivate BasicPrivate PlusPrivate Premium
Accommodationmulti-bed room2-bed room1-bed room1-bed room
Specialist Treatment⛔️✔️✔️head physician treatment
Dental Treatment0-90%60-75%80%90-100%
Flexible Appointments⛔️yes, with additional payment✔️✔️
Worldwide Coverage⛔️partially✔️✔️
Alternative Remedies⛔️after previous diagnosis✔️✔️
Exemplary Monthly Rate975€216€329€402€

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Bianca Lucas, Customer Care at MW Expat


My Name is Bianca and I am born in Germany and raised in USA and Germany. Growing up with both mentalities, gives me very much patience and understanding for any situation. Knowing how hard it is to get settled in Germany makes me want to try everything what I possibly can to give you a good, simple and easy start. Not possible is a non existing word in my vocabulary.

Mihaela Dorlan, Customer Care at MW Expat


Travelling a lot and living in 3 different countries has led me to speak 4 different languages and to now learning the fifth one. Being able to communicate is the key that allows me to feel at home wherever I go, and when I don't speak the language of the country I'm in, English is always my solution!

Carmen Dorlan Customer Care at MW Expat Solution Services GmbH


I was born in Romania, I grew up in Italy and that gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about different cultures. This is very close to my heart as I’ve always been a curious person. I love travelling and meeting new people and I always do my best to learn from them. I truly believe that kindness towards others is the one key that can help us change the world into the better place that we deserve.

After our Customer Care team has contacted you for the inital consultation, they will put you in touch with one of our insurance advisors to find the best German health insurance offer tailored to your needs. Free and non-binding.

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